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Excellent glass for the fireplace

Is this “super” developed world, someone finally invented a glass that never breaks?

What glass into the fireplace choose to forever be on him and also give him exclusive character?

You are close to something special.

Glass fireplace that does not crack even at 800 degrees Celsius. Fireplace Glass that cleans itself up. Glass fireplace, which transmits only a beautiful view of burning logs, and hiding everything else. And for this dedicated service. What do you choose?

New window, fireplace better?

It looks like an ordinary glass, but it’s a new and better type of glass.

Ceramic glass ROBAX fit any fireplace. When ordinary tempered glass barely withstands temperatures of 260 degrees Celsius, the glass does not break – even at 800 degrees Celsius. This means that they will not deform and does not tarnish.

Transparency her smooth sheets will extract from the interior of the fireplace the warm glow of pulsating flames. Nothing will interfere with your wonderful evenings by the fireplace. Even when you do not feel the greatest fire smoke. And if you want – it will not need to be cleaned!

Instant exchange for better

When the old fireplace glass you break, you want as soon as it re-insert. However, do not make that mistake.

We will help you choose the perfect glass and precision it to crop the size and shape of your fireplace. We send it immediately with all accessories. YES, it will reach you in perfect condition, because we know how to secure it well. YES, quickly and easily replace it yourself.

But it will not be the same window.

Because That burst, and we want to give you something better.

Select the ideal glass for myself, and we will take care of her perfect shape and everything will get you fit.

Which glass fireplace going?

1. glass fireplace Robax
2. self-cleaning glass fireplace Robax IR
2. Robax Mirror Mirror Images